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An outdoor kitchen adds a certain charm to the outdoor areas of your property, makes your yard more functional and usable even when the weather isn’t too good; and becomes the perfect spot for entertaining friends and enjoying leisurely moments with your family. But for that to happen, it’s important that this element be designed and planned well and that good quality materials are used in the work.

Custom Outdoor Living provides excellent outdoor kitchen solutions to customers in and around Niles, Buchanan, Edwardsburg, and Cassopolis. The company also caters to customers across Sumnerville, South Bend and Elkhart as well as in Granger and Bristol. The ranges of services they provide are:

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

As a homeowner, you are sure to have some specific ideas about how you want the outdoor kitchen to be. You would want to install certain appliances and want to create a specific look and styling in that space; and a good landscape professional can help you do that. They will discuss all your ideas with you and plan the space well. They will ensure your ideas are incorporated into the plans and will provide recommendations and ideas of their own, which will help ensure you get a kitchen that’s in line with your specific requirements.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Many people wonder whether they need a designer to plan their outdoor kitchen space. The fact is that this feature is an extension of the indoor areas of your home as well as the outdoor spaces. This means it has to be planned and designed in such a manner that it complements the appearance of both these areas. The materials used have to be chosen with care and the movement flow has to be planned well.

There has to be sufficient space for the kitchen counters, appliances as well as for seating and the lighting has to be planned well. As these spaces are partly open to the air, it’s important to choose materials that are weather-resistant. Pavers are a very important aspect of outdoor kitchen design and you can choose from various colors, designs and styling.

Outdoor Kitchen Plans

When you are designing your kitchen, it’s important to plan the placement of all the features well. Every homeowner has different requirements in terms of the movement flow, the type of installations that have to be fitted there etc. The designer will ensure you have the type of counters you want and you can choose from C-shape, L-shape, U-shape, parallel as well as single line and island counters. The material for these has to be chosen with care and you should also ensure there is plenty of space for seating. The floor plan also has to take into account.

Having attractive outdoor kitchen features is about hiring a well-established and expert company like Custom Outdoor Living for the job. This ensures the best materials and workmanship are used in the work and the features look good, last for a very long time and add value to your property as well.

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